Established in 1990 and based in Newark, California, offers a full line of affordable, technically advanced Non-branded high-performance computers with powerful microprocessors, multimedia and other leading edge features.

CHEM USA concentrates its efforts on the dynamic PC market. Committed to this rapidly changing market, our business model is base on the following products and services:

* Whitebox computer system intergration for channel resellers

* PC contract manufacturing solutions

* Turn-key PC pre/post sales and warranty service depot

We take great pride in our product quality and we annually certify our quality system to ISO 9001 standard. High quality, a broad product and service offering, and low pricing giving us an unbeatable competitive advantage. 

CHEM USA Corporation's competitive advantages have moved the company up to the ranks of formidable players in both the wholesale and PC Contract Manufacturing.

Big Benefits Combined with the Latest Features
Availability, service, value, performance and reliability, combined with the latest features are the backbone of the company's product & contract manufactory service offerings.

Corporate administrations, marketing and sales, assembly, warehouse facilities and product service originate from CHEM USA's 36,000-square feet facility in California's Silicon Valley. With its dedicated employee team, excellent vendor and supplier relationships, CHEM USA is able to deliver superior products and customer satisfaction.

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